Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ok "OLD MAN" bring it on......

Today has been a beautiful day.  Sunny and a warm 16*C,  a bit windy, but nice just the same.   So I took advantage of this weather to complete all the chores that still needed to be taken care of in the garden,  because  tomorrow's forecast is for rain and then later in the week much colder temperatures.

Pond pump removed---check.
All the leaves picked up and in the composter---check.
Bird feeders put out and filled---check.
Flower urns emptied and put in greenhouse---check.
Cut the lawn for the last time this year---check.
Deck furniture put away---check.
Spring bulbs planted---check.
The only item left on my "to do" list, is to get my Winter tires put on my car and that is scheduled for this coming week.

"OLD MAN WINTER"  bring it on I am now ready for you, well not really, however, my garden is ready.  As I am getting older I don;t particularly like Winter with it's dark mornings and evenings,  snow, ice, freezing cold temperatures and dull cloudy days which seem to last forever.   The only consolation is after Dec 21st. the days do get longer, if only for a minute at a time.

On the lighter side, I have a good stock of fabric in my sewing room, to be made into quilts for my three children and their spouses.  There are also three UFO's, one of which is for one of my grand daughters 18th birthday next year.  Then our guild makes quilts for chemo patients at our local hospital, so lots of time sewing away during those cold days.

I also have 1600 photos from my recent trip to sort out and put into an album, that will keep me busy for a little while.



Gill - That British Woman said...

it was the perfect day to do chores outside. Have my appointment for Thursday to have winter tires put on the car......


Pokey said...

Your header photo is stunning, Pat! I'm sure that was a trip of a lifetime! Listen, get as much sunshine as you can, to chase the winter blues away. Did you know that there is a "happy light" you can purchase that gives you little doses of the sunshine we miss in the winter? I can suffer from those sad times, too, but living in Southern California, I usually can get out into sunshine.
Hey, BTW- I like your new personal photo, too, you look beautiful ~