Friday, January 14, 2011

The King's Speech

Today I did something that I have never done before, I went to see a film by myself. Yes, I know it sounds as if I have lived a very sheltered life, but I have always gone with friends or my late DH.
Seeing a film in a theatre is something I don't do often, going only if the film has had rave reviews and looks as if it is one I would be interested in. I enjoy it more than sitting at home with a DVD, it must be the vibes from others in the theatre. The reviews for The King's Speech have been great and it has numerous award nominations, so this afternoon I went to see it.
If you are not familiar with the story it's about George VI reluctantly taking the throne of England when his brother Edward abdicates in 1936. George VI turns to a speech therapist to help overcome his stutter, and the two forge a lasting friendship. It was a lovely story and thoroughly enjoyed it. I give it two thumbs up and it is worthy of all the "Bests" that it has been given.
Consequently, there was no sewing done today, we are suppose to have another dumping of snow, this weekend. Reports give conflicting amounts we can expect, whether its alot or a little there is no need for me to go out, so I will be sewing this weekend.


Hazel said...

So glad you enjoyed the movie I have to admit I have never been to a movie by myself either .
I hear you about the weather we to are expecting snow I hope its not to much i have a dentist appointment in the morning .

Barb H said...

The first time I went to movie by myself was when I was home from college on vacation. So freeing! Since then, I never hesitate to do things by myself--otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of fun things. Good for you, Patricia. I want to see that movie too.

Jan said...

Good for you, Patricia. I haven't been to a movie on my own either but I think I would if it was something I really wanted to watch. I am looking forward to seeing The King's Speech but it is likely to be a few more weeks before it arrives in deepest France. Glad you enjoyed it.

Quiltluver said...

I've never been to a movie by myself either, so good for you! I'm not liking these little snow storms every couple of days.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree good for you........and I too have heard nothing but good things about that movie.


solomi558 said...

Thankyou for the birthday wishes Patricia , 77 got to be lucky . Last time I went to the pics, a couple of years ago my son took me to see Wallace and gromit ( ever the young at heart) it was so loud and noisy it would have to be something special to get me there again . I like dvd,s--cottonreel

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for popping by I didn't realize rabbit was that expenisve to buy.

I do believe I am back in the land of the living again, just full of cold still and no energy!!