Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walking and Sewing

Yesterday, I did a 4km walk around the arena's indoor walking track, it was a bit icy on the sidewalk so didn't want to chance slipping and falling. Tomorrow will do 5 kms and continue every Mon, Wed and Fri to do the same. I had so much more energy afterwards, and got a lot done, which included working on my grand daughter's wedding quilt. Only the outer border to sew on on two sides then I can arrange for it to go to the quilter.

Today was an all day sewing day, at Pat's with some "girls" from the guild, and we all worked on the arcs for the IOPQ's we are doing. I have never done any paper piecing so had a lot of problems with the first one I did. With a brief lesson and some timely tips I did get six completed... without having to do any froggy sewing........Yahoo, I can now paper piece. Now that I know what I am doing ..I like it, I love the look of all those precise points, I could become addicted to this. It's a good thing because most of the quilt is paper pieced. My plan is to do some more tomorrow so when taking a picture of gd's quilt I will show some arcs... how exciting is that?

It started snowing again late this afternoon and it is still coming down, wonder how much we will have on the ground in the morning. Hey, it's January, so can't expect much different weather for awhile.

Hope everyone had a great day.


Hazel said...

The snow is falling here to ,we're looking at 15 cm before morning .Good for you a 4k walk is excellent.Paper piecing is fun look at Carol Doak site ,she also has a blog .

Pokey said...

Okay, Patricia, whip out that camera and give us a peek at your sewing! Glad you are keeping your goal of walking, you make us all proud.

quiltfool said...

Paper piecing needs someone to sit and show you the ropes. I had that, too. When I remember to do what she told me, it's a piece of cake. When I forget and try to do it the way I first saw, with pieces pre-trimmed to fit the space, it never seems to work. When it works, I love it and you can't beat the precision. Lane