Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to everyone visiting me today....

Yesterday, New Years Eve day I gave my house a good clean, don't know why, but I feel a lot better if I start the New Year with a clean house. I have done this since as far back as I can remember. I had a quiet New Year's Eve, I had a glass of red wine that was left over from Christmas (left over wine, how did that happen), watched a rented movie as there was nothing on TV, and was in bed prior to midnight.
Now it's time once again to make some New Year's resolutions, mine are predictable, and will likely be the same ones I have made and broken on previous New Year's. Loose weight, eat healthy, get more fit and curb my spending and not necessarily in that order of importance. Normally slipping back into my old ways after a couple of months, I am going to approach this New Year's a little different.
This is what I am planning, and this approach should take care of all my resolutions. Curb my spending -- I will save money on gasoline, if I walk to and from the grocery store, its 5 km or more from my house. I will get fit lugging all those bags back home. I will buy healthy food products that are not too heavy to carry, (lettuce). I will be eating all that lettuce so I will loose weight. Looks good in the written word I need that extra money? I am quite fit aren't I? I eat all of the food groups don't I? I am not fat, just a little overly padded here or there am I not? .... maybe I'll forget making resolutions this year they get broken any way.
Remember all the snow we had in December, for the past couple of days we have had a mild spell, which is usually par for the course at this time of the year for us. Yesterday, the temp was on the plus side of 0 C. and we had a few showers in the pm. When I woke this morning, most of the snow has disappeared and it is 9C and raining. We are going to be in for a slippery time if this water doesn't soak away before the temps drop below freezing tomorrow night.
Today is going to be another quiet day, so I think it will be a day of sewing. Lord only knows the number of projects I have on the go.
1. Grand daughters wedding quilt.
2. Orange Peel quilt.
3. Two baby quilts for my nephew's twin grand babies scheduled to be born Jan 5th.
4. Two wall hangings that I have in my mind to create.

Have a great day.


Hazel said...

Guess I'm like you I have to start the new year with a clean house .Our new years eve was the same as yours minus the wine LOL .

Jan said...

You've got the New Year resolutions sorted then! Enjoy 2011 and I wish you good health and happiness. I think new year's eve can be very overrated don't you? Jan

Pokey said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Patricia. Sounds like lofty plans to me,5k to the grocery store, hmm. Enjoy what you do accomplish, quilts sound like fun stuff!
hugs, pokey

Quiltluver said...

Happy New Year to you. I didn't clean my house yesterday, but I did get some sewing time in. :)