Saturday, May 14, 2011


For the past week my part of the world has had beautiful weather, blue skies, sunshine and warm---- hot---- temperatures. So most of my time has been spent in my garden pulling the weeds and mowing the lawn, to some this is a chore, but I enjoy gardening. The annuals are doing well in the greenhouse, hopefully, at the end of the month, when all risk of frost is over they will be mature enough to plant in the garden. These pictures show the garden around the pond as of this morning, and close ups of some of the flowers.

Take a look at this magnificent tree, I call it a tulip tree but I believe it is a magnolia. Yesterday, I was at the cemetery where my DH is, and this tree was so beautiful I went home to pick up my camera to take a photo.

Rain is in the forecast for the next few days, a chance to get my housework caught up and also make the churn dash block for our guild meeting next Thursday. Last night I finished sewing the binding on my Grand daughters wedding quilt, its only seven months late!!.

Have a great weekend.



solomi558 said...

My d,in law bought a magnolia tree for me this year ,a mothers day present . the one you are showing is magnificent . They seem to have done very well around my area this year too.
I see you have grape hyacinths mixed in with cerastium . (some call it snow on the mountain.) My cerastium is lovely but I don't have so many grape hy,.this year .Your garden looks lovely--cottonreel

quiltfool said...

What gorgeous pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved the look at the yard I've heard you speak of so often. Lane