Thursday, May 26, 2011

Got it right this time....

After taking the handles off and putting them back on correctly I am really liking my new tote. Finished in time for my vacation coming soon. It's not only a vacation, I will be attending my second eldest granddaughter's wedding in Cuba.

I purchased the lilac fabric a couple of years ago, with no project in mind I just loved the colours and the pattern. When I saw the tote pattern in November/December 2010 issue of McCall's Quilting I knew I had the perfect fabric for the bag. I was going to use some bamboo handles, but they just didn't look right so I made mine from some of the fabric. Also added a fabric and button closure for security. The pattern called for a piece of cardboard to be inserted in a rectangle of fabric in the bottom to give it some stability. I used a piece of the crafter's plastic (the plastic that looks like cross stitch material) instead and it worked a lot better than the cardboard. I also included a couple of compartments on the inside to make it easier to find everything.

Here are a couple of photo's, my lilac bush was the perfect place to hang it, don't you think.


Hazel said...

Mmmm lilac , my favorite scent, such pretty fabric.That looks like a great carry all bag .

Jan said...

What a pretty tote. You must be delighted with it and it will be so useful. I intend getting a lilac tree for our garden sometime this year but it has been so hot and dry, planting is out of the question at the moment.