Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Late Afternoon Post Today....

Why? That big ball of fire was up in the sky again today, the second day in a row!!
Early this morning the bedding was stripped off the bed and was blowing merrily on the line all day. The first time this year I have used the clothes line.
This was certainly not a day to stay in and sew, my sewing machine is going to be wondering what happened to me.
Three hours in the garden, cleaning up the winter kill and weeds. It was so nice to get the dirt under my finger nails again. A robin sitting on her eggs in the nest she built in the honeysuckle, scolded me when I got too close. The waterfall in my pond gently trickling down the rocks provided a backdrop to all the other birds singing as they were busy catching bugs or gathering bits and pieces to use in building their nests. It was such a lovely warm day, you could almost hear the leaves opening on the red maple tree.

Why am I so happy to be in my garden working? Gardening is my hobby, during the nice weather, and it has been a long time coming this year.

Gotta go, all this work has given me an appetite for my chicken dinner.


Hazel said...

You made it sound so nice I may have to come and visit LOL

Jan said...

It is so good when the sun shines and we are able to get out and about. You must show us some photos sometime. Enjoy the sun. x

quiltfool said...

What a lovely sounding day. This year, I did some handsewing outside and tossed bits of thread and fabric on the ground. Each time, it would disappear within 24 hours and I'm hoping that means it is keeping baby birds warm in their nests. Take care. Lane