Monday, May 30, 2011


The regular readers of my blog know that I live in S.W. Ontario, Canada, this area experienced a Winter that started in November with cold temperatures and snow, snow and more snow. When it finally stopped snowing it rained and rained and last night during a thunderstorm it rained once again. That was depressing.

In Canada we have a retail store called Sears in our shopping malls, they also have a mail order catalogue, you can go on line or call their order desk to make a purchase. Your item is then mailed to you oryou can go to their local pick up store. After purchasing an item from the catalogue they send you copies of all of their catalogues, large ones for Spring and Summer and Fall and Winter, and ones of "Specials", "End of season Sales" etc, etc. and the list goes on and on.

The Spring and Summer one arrived in the middle of Winter, am I depressed... today is May 30th. Summer officially starts on June 21st. and the Fall and Winter catalogue was in my mail box today. I don't want to be reminded that Winter weather could be only six months away, so I refuse to open the plastic wrapper to look inside.

On a happier note the rain is suppose to stop for the coming week and we will see that big ball of fire in the sky with temperatures in the high 20's or even low 30's. I can see and hear my lawn growing already, now all I have to do is try and get my lawn mower to stay running so it can be mowed.

Have a wonderful Monday.


Hazel said...

Patricia we're suppose to have a whole week of sun and heat I'm sooooo looking forward to it ,your right it was a long winter and wet spring.
I don't shop at Sears any longer I found the quality of there things has really gone down .

Pokey said...

They always send that out way too early, Pat! Don't let it get you down, my school isn't out until June 17th, so summer hasn't even begun for me. Go out and walk among those beautiful flowers in your garden, and bring in some more lilac branches. That should do the trick!
hugs, pokey