Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A new quilt and dust, dust, dust.

This year, I made a promise to myself that I would finish a UFO before a started a new quilt.  A UFO is finished, well!!! the top is and this week it is on it's way to be quilted, so I am going to consider it a finish, as far as I am concerned binding doesn't count.

In the Fall issue of Fon's & Porter's Scrap Quilts I found a pattern that would be perfect for the quilts I am planning for my adult children and their spouses.   I am hoping that I don't get too tired of the pattern as I want to use it to make all three quilts.

The quilt is shown using scraps from a stash and looks great, however, I am going to be a bit more organized with the colours.  Over the past few months I have been purchasing green's for my son and DIL, earth tones for my eldest daughter and SIL, and blues for my youngest daughter and SIL.  A few blocks were made this p.m. and I played with laying them out in several different ways, I am going to have fun with these blocks. 

Reno is now into the dusty stage, I am glad we purchased the "heavy dust" drywall compound as it does not fly around a lot, most of it falls to the floor.  How come regular household dust doesn't do that?   Plastic is hung at the door way going into my kitchen to stop any that does move around with the movement of the heated air from the furnace. Only one more day of this and then I can clean the room and  start painting.  But first I have to decide on colours for the carpet and  wall's.  Samples are laying all over the place, why do they make it so difficult.  If I were picking colours for a quilt it would be easy to choose. The solution, maybe I should paint the walls like a quilt.  A 35ft x 7ft 6in wall quilt would be a bit much don't you think.



Gill - That British Woman said...

heavy or light drywall dust stinks as far as I am concerned!! I hate the drywall stage.

Hope you figure out your colour schemes soon,

The Cozy Quilter said...

You could just make lots of quilts and hang them up on the walls! Why bother with paint?

Pokey said...

Good luck on the upcoming painting job. I'm with you, color choice is hard.
I'd love to see your block you are working on, it must be fun since you want to use it on 3 quilts ~

cottonreel said...

Iv'e been reading back through your Jan, blogs .
It seems all go a present . I can feel the energy coming through.
Good140 luck in all you do