Friday, January 4, 2013

Secret Santa gift completed

Last night the final stitch was made to the gift for the person whose name I received when the draw was held in October, photo's are in my camera, however, won't post them until after our dinner on Monday, don't want to spoil the secret before then.  It seems like forever, since we have all got together, it's going to be nice to see everyone again.  Our regular meetings start later in the month.  I always seem to have more sewing energy when I know that "show and tell" will be held at our meeting.  My partner  G and I have got to get busy so that we can complete our comfort quilt before the end of the month.  Family commitments and the holidays have taken priority over our sewing, once we get started it won't take long. 

Out walking again today,  even though the thermometer registered -3*C the wind made it feel so much colder. With a bright blue sky and sunshine I had a bounce in my step, not only because it was nice and bright  but I needed to keep moving to keep warm.  With my hooded coat and sun glasses, fleece pants, gloves and boots on, no one would have recognized me with just my forehead and cheeks showing, except for my fingers, I was nice and warm.

Now my camera battery is charged I will take some photo's of the park I have been walking in.

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