Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Walk

Later this week, if the forecast is correct, we will be experiencing a January thaw, and hopefully most of   this snow will be gone.  So I wanted to share a few photo's of the park as it was during my walk this  morning. 

This snowman is all but forgotten as the children returned to school today.
Framing the bare branches of the Maple trees are the brown leaves on an Oak branch.

A perfect Oak leaf in the snow.
It was mild enough today for some of the snow to start melting making large puddles on the road in the park.  In this puddle of water a tree is reflected.  I sky was grey at the time, so it's not very clear.

This statue is seated near the Memory Garden in the park.



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saving for travel said...

A fantastic walk, thanks for sharing!

Sft x