Thursday, January 17, 2013


My house is a mess,  and unfortunately it has to be this way for a little while if I want this work done.  I hate being in a mess

Last week I finally decided to go for it, remodel my basement recreation room.  Nothing, other than a new carpet several years ago, has been done in this room since the late '70's and it was in desperate need of an upgrade.  One of my sons in law is laid off from his job at the present time so I hired him to do the work for me. 

Where does one put all the stuff that needs to be removed from a 35 ft x 16 ft room? All over my house, that's where, my house is in a mess.

All the old panelling was removed from the walls, did I tell I hate being in a mess.
At the present time new drywall is being installed.  I dread the thought of the taping, mudding, and sanding that needs to be done over the seams.  When this is all completed I can get the painting done, then a new carpet can be laid, and things can get back to normal.  Sigh!

This is a good time, however, for me to weed out all of the clutter, that sombrero from a Mexican vacation in the '80's and that "thing" from Venezuela?  A local charity shop is going to get a visit from me.

I have been in my sewing room, not sewing, but doing more de-cluttering and sorting out the fabric in my stash, at least one room will be organized.ica



The Cozy Quilter said...

You are brave! Can't wait to see the finished room!

Barb H said...

Oh, you have my sympathy, Patricia. I've lived through numerous house remodels and it never gets easier. Keep picturing the finished product and you'll get through it. And you'll love the new room!

Mary-Kay said...

I wanted a paint job in the main rooms upstairs, kitchen, dining room , living room and main hallway and a new kitchen floor. This has morphed into removing walls and a whole new kitchen, all during the month of December. I still don't have new cupboards but everything is there, waiting for them to b built. At least the new floor is in and the painting is complete. I have kitchen stuff in every room but the bathroom. I can't wait to see what your new room becomes.

saving for travel said...

Good luck, looking forward to the results.

Sft x