Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off to a good start...

and plan to do better by keeping the healthy eating and exercise routine going longer than in past years.

It was -8*C when I went for my walk this morning, no wind and a few flakes of snow drifting down.  I decided not to do my usual route around the block as some of the sidewalk was still covered in snow, so opted for a local park where all the roads were clear of snow and ice.  Did the circuit three times and it felt good to get some fresh air in my lungs.  Coming home cheeks all a glow and tingly from the cold, and a red nose from having to use tissues, (the cold weather cleans out the sinus), I began to feel some of the energy that I have been missing during the past little while, coming back.  By the time the weekend gets here maybe I will feel like conquering the world, well maybe not, just feeling better and happier in my world.

Taking down the tree and de-cluttering some of the decorations took longer than I thought yesterday, so did not get into the sewing room, however, when this post is finished that is where you will find me.


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Gill - That British Woman said...

in the sewing room is where I should be!!!