Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ooooooohhhhhh ! ! ! .....Winter?

That is what I was saying when I got out of bed this morning, sure can tell I haven't done much painting for a long time.   For the most part the majority of all the dust is over with, so now starting to put some colour in the room.  Just a small section of the ceiling left to do, so my neck should be feeling better soon.  My bum cheeks know that I have been climbing up and down the ladder.  Looking on the bright side, good exercise right?

Little sewing being done, however, did start on a label for "J" one of my quilting friends.

Mother Nature must be very angry, during the past 48 hours she has thrown almost everything she has at us.  Starting with snow, freezing rain, rain and" pea soup" fog yesterday,  Mild temperature again today, and at the present time it is raining, the forecast indicates that we could also get a thunderstorm today, then on Thursday back into the minus degree C temps and snow.  It's Winter, but certainly not like the Canadian Winter's I saw years ago, we would have snow in December and would see the ground until March. 

P.S. Just as I was going to post this, thunder rolling!!!

Hope everyone is keeping dry and warm.



Livin' Blue Quilter said...

We are having strange weather too. Last week it didn't get out of the teens and 20s. We had a little snow on Friday. Freezing rain and sleet yesterday. Today it will be 50 and tomorrow 70. Really weird.

Barb H said...

Same here. Rain and snow on Sunday, and ice today which melted by noon. Tomorrow, who knows. It's good weather for quilting and cooking soup.